Alpenföhn® Peter 2Peter21


Key Features

  • Outstanding performance due to 10 high end heatpipes
  • All contact surfaces of the heatsink are soldered
  • Exchangeable mounting clips for the installation on upcoming top-end VGA cards
  • Solid mounting bracket for mounting two 140mm fans / four 120mm fans
  • Perfect finish of all surfaces using S.S.N.P. (Shiny Silver Nickel Plating).
  • Radeon R9 290X, 280X, 270X und 260X compatible




Minimum noise at maximum performance

Alpenfoehn Peter is the world´s first VGA cooler supporting the useage of two 140mm fans. The fan mounting is done using the mounting bracket which is included to reach the best performance - noise ratio.



Engineering at its finest

Extreme performance quiet as a whisper. This has been the goal during the development of the Alpenfoehn Peter. By using 10 high end heatpipes, soldered fins and best material this goal could be reached.

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The included thermal glue is a permanent glue. Components you attach with this thermal glue are not removeable.
It´s on your own risk if you still try to remove the attached heatsinks.



Part number 84000000095
Dimensions 226,5 x 100 x 44 mm
Heatpipe 10 x 6 mm Heatpipes
Fins Aluminium
Weight 488 g






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