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low-profile cooler in cooperation with DAN Cases
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Black nickel plated, 6x6mm heatpipes, large heatsink, and a design that supports up to 33mm of maximum memory height - Black Ridge delivers pure performance in a minimum of space.

For the necessary airflow, the included 92mm PWM fan is mounted on the bottom of the heat sink. This not only reduces the dimensions in small systems, but also achieves a maximum height of just 47mm.

The included screw mounting system has been designed to ensure the best possible compatibility on mini-ITX motherboards.

Supported sockets (max 95W):

Intel: Socket LGA 115x / 1200 / 1700 (UpgradeKit)

AMD: Socket AM4


GPU compatibility:

100% compatibility on some mainboards only with riser cable.


Note for AMD-based systems: Mini ITX motherboards from the manufacturers ASrock, Gigabyte and MSI may cause assembly problems due to the arrangement of the components.

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Key Features

  • Maximum 47mm height
  • VGA compatibility on mini-ITX motherboards
  • Black nickel plated
  • RAM compatibility for modules with a maximum height of 33mm
  • 6x6mm heatpipes
  • 92x92x15mm PWM fan
  • Secure mounting system for Intel / AMD



German engineering

The intelligent use of materials and a complex design create the perfect balance between performance and compatibility. In addition, the cooler with a maximum height of 47mm is ideal for use in cases of DAN Cases.


VGA compatibility on mini-ITX

An asymmetric heatsink design allows full VGA compatibility on most mini-ITX motherboards.



6 Heatpipes quickly and efficiently convey the heat of the CPU to the soldered aluminum fins of the heatsink.


Extensible fan assembly "Performance and Overclocking Mode"

For even more flexibility in the realization of your project there 2 different mounting brackets included. A pair of brackets is suitable for mounting a 120x120x12/15mm fan on the bottom of the heatsink. In conjunction with VLP memory, the performance of the heat sink can be increased again. Furthermore, a pair of brackets for mounting a 120x120x25mm fan on the top of the heatsink is included. In this configuration, the Alpenföhn Black Ridge offers the highest performance.

Compatibility Mode (92x92x15mm fan)

Black Ridge Compatibility

Perfomance Mode (120x120x15mm fan)

Black Ridge Perfomance

Overclocking Mode (120x120x25mm fan)

Black Ridge Overclocking


PWM fan

The built-in 92x92x15mm PWM fan has a 4-pin PWM connector and can be controlled via the motherboard. This allows a speed adjustment between 800 and 2800 rpm, allowing a minimum of 14 dB(A) and a maximum of 80.03 m³/h.


Secure mounting system for AMD/Intel

The included screw mounting system has been designed to ensure maximum compatibility on mini-ITX motherboards.



Important note for the use of the Alpenföhn Black Ridge

Please note that the Alpenföhn Black Ridge is a powerful cooler with a max. 95W TDP for use in compact cases. The cooler has a 92x92x15mm fan for the best possible compatibility and overclocking of your CPU is not recommended. Increases in performance can be achieved by the "Performance" or "Overclocking" mode with alternative fan assembly. How much the cooling capacity can be increased depends on the fan used in each of these two modes and can not be precisely specified by Alpenföhn®.

Nevertheless, it may happen that despite the supported TDP of your CPU, the performance of the heat sink is not sufficient. This problem can occur with K, X, and C processor series when TDP limitation is disabled, or the board overclocks the CPU automatically due to improper settings. This can e.g. lead to higher power consumption.


TweakPC "Alpenföhn hat mit dem Black Ridge einem sehr Interessanten Kühler ins Angebot aufgenommen. Der Kühler weiß dabei mit seiner mattschwarzen Oberfläche auch in PCs mit einem kleinen Sichtfenster zu gefallen. Zudem standardmäßig der 92-mm-Lüfter nicht einmal ersichtlich ist. Bei Bedarf kann einfach ein weiterer Lüfter mit 120-mm-Bohrungen auf den Black Ridge gepackt werden um so die Kühlleistung oder auch wahlweise die Optik mit einem beleuchteten Lüfter anzupassen. Zudem kann außerdem auch zwischen Bodenplatte und Kühler, ein 15 mm breiter Lüfter optional montiert werden."

Jarafi "Für die kompakten Abmessungen ist auch die Kühlleistung sehr gut. Für OC ist der Kühler aufgrund seiner TDP-Einstufung von 95 Watt nicht ausgelegt. Zudem ist der Lüfter unter Maximaler Drehzahl hörbar. Wird die Drehzahl jedoch reduziert, vernimmt man den Kühler nicht mehr. Ansonsten können die Lüfter natürlich auch einfach ausgetauscht werden. Der Alpenföhn Black Ridge besetzt eine Interessante Nische und biete viele Features, eine sehr gute Leistung sowie eine hohe Kompatibilität bei Arbeitsspeicher oder der Lüfterbestückung."

GameZoom "Der neue Black Ridge ist ein gelungener ITX-Topblower. Für den neuen Alpenföhn Kühler sprechen in erster Linie die saubere Verarbeitungsqualität, die ordentliche Kühlleistung und der potente Lüfter. Auch bei der Montage und (Ram)Kompatibilität hat sich der Hersteller keine großen Patzer erlaubt. Der faire Verkaufspreis von knapp 43 Euro sichert unserem Testmuster eine Kaufempfehlung."

Mod Your Case "Mit dem Black Ridge hat Alpenföhn einen sehr kompakten CPU-Kühler in sein Sortiment aufgenommen, welcher in unserem Test nicht nur mit einer guten Verarbeitung, sondern auch mit einer guten Kompatibilität punkten konnte. Durch die sehr geringe Bauhöhe von gerade einmal 47 mm eignet sich der Kühler vor allem für besonders kompakte ITX-Systeme, in denen man eigentlich nur Kühler verbauen kann, welche die Größe eines Boxed Kühler haben. Trotz der geringen Bauhöhe und dem nur 92 mm großen Lüfter kann der Kühler dank der großen Kühlfläche und den eingesetzten Heatpipes dennoch eine vergleichsweise hohe Kühlleistung liefern."

Xtreme Systems "The Alpenfohn Black Ridge cooler is ideal for small HTPC and ITX systems, thanks to its shape and height of just 47mm. The construction of the cooler is very good, starting from accessories to the fan and heatsink, the main materials used are aluminum and nickel plated copper. The mounting process is done with ease, the mounting system uses only metallic components, which adds value to a cooler that is already available at a competitive price(€43). Cooling performance of the Alpenfohn Black Ridge was good in comparison to some of the other low profile coolers available on the market. If you are not satisfied with the standard TDP of 95W, you can attach a fan with 120 mm holes on the top or the bottom, using the supplied fan brackets. The overall height of the radiator remains naturally untouched. Thus, the cooling capacity should be something to increase. If a fan is mounted on the top of the Black Ridge, however, the radiator height will increase according to the width of the mounted fan. Installation of the Alpenfohn Black Ridge was simple and went very smooth. Trying to reach around the back of the motherboard while keeping the cooler lined up proved a little bit of a challenge but with a little patience it can be done. Not the most complicated install I have ever done by any means."

Techintest "Soli 47 millimetri di altezza. Pochissimi. Per arrivarci Alpenföhn ha nascosto la ventola sotto il bassissimo blocco lamellare. Per il resto, è un design top down consolidato, reso premium dalla colorazione nera e dalla perfezione con cui Alpenföhn lo ha costruito, assemblato e rifinito in ogni punto. Circa 40 euro il prezzo di vendita, perfettamente in linea col rango a cui appartiene. Sono infatti molti i cooler che gli somigliano per design e soluzioni, ma pochi quelli con questa qualità costruttiva ed efficienza prestazionale. Non includendo la ventola da 120 millimetri, Alpenföhn, non soltanto ne contiene il prezzo finale, ma lo può pubblicizzarne un’altezza pari a 47 millimetri anzichè 62. Mica male."

Glob3trotters "This is a great example when a product comes to life from the collaboration of two companies to offer a great cooler for such a niche market. Make no mistake, this is not intend just for the DAN A4-SFX case, but for almost any SFF build. Given it’s amazing versatility, I mean you can even install 2 fans at the same time (1x 120 slim underneath and 1x regular 120 above if the case accepts it) and you get yourself something that has no match in this footprint. Thus it has a great design, it is really easy to install, and it has 6 heatpipes which is amazing for something this small. You may experience some hiccups with some motherboards but as long as you do your due diligence you shouldn’t have any big incompatibility."

Tech-Legend "The Alpenföhn Black Ridge is a good CPU cooler, that is designed from the start, to work with small motherboards and enclosures, such as the DAN cases. The performance is good when taken into consideration the side of the heatsink and the fan used from the factory... The build quality is great, the dark coating is evenly applied on all components, and the cooling fins have smooth edges. The baseplate surface is smooth and will have optimal spread for the thermal compound... In conclusion, the Alpenföhn Black Ridge is a good cooler for a small form factor gaming system. However, it needs particular components to achieve the best performance and clearance possible."

The Tech Buyer's Guru "Best 47mm Cooler: Alpenföhn Black Ridge ($60) - While hard to find in the US, expensive in Europe, and requiring the use of ultra-low profile RAM, the Black Ridge appears to maximize the cooling potential of a cooler fitting within the Intel-standard height limit of 47mm."



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