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High-performance and low-noise fan for sophisticated systems. The new JetStream fan sets new standards in the Alpenföhn portfolio. The airflow-optimised impeller, refined frame and a next-gen bearing ensure exceptional running smoothness with maximised performance. JetStream's anti-vibration pads reduce vibrations to a minimum.


  • new geometry of the frame for optimised intake performance
  • increased efficiency due to improved impeller
  • Anti-vibration pads for smoother operation and greater reliability
  • low noise for immersive gaming and pleasant working conditions
  • Next-Gen bearing for high performance with less vibration
  • elegant black design
  • PWM control
  • can be used as CPU, radiator or case fan
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New geometry

The JetStream is characterised by the unique geometry of its frame and impeller. By perfectly matching both components, the flow behaviour is optimised and the efficiency of the fan is increased. The special shape of the blades and their arrangement achieves the ideal balance between the high volume flow and static pressure. Furthermore, the fine channels on the front of the frame ensure optimised suction performance and reduced noise.


Anti Vibration Pads

Thanks to the decoupling technology provided by the Anti Vibration Pads, JetStream fans are able to operate at an even lower noise level than comparable products. The Anti Vibration Pads effectively reduce vibrations, which may occur during operation. Lower vibrations not only lead to quieter operation, but also to higher reliability and increased life expectancy.


Elegant black design

The JetStream fans are kept completely in black and add an elegant and timeless aesthetic to your system. The black look fits perfectly with any case and can be integrated harmoniously. Black is beautiful – do you agree?


Designed & developed in Germany

Our engineers are constantly working on optimising the design of our fans whilst increasing their performance. This way, we not only develop high quality and functional, but also aesthetically appealing fans such as the JetStream. The development in Germany paired with modern manufacturing technologies results in a highly efficient and quiet premium fan.


Low noise

Thanks to the innovative design, JetStream fans operate as quiet as a whisper. A quiet operation is particularly important for a pleasant work atmosphere or immersive gaming. The use of high-quality materials and an optimised design ensure not only high efficiency without disturbing background noises, but also high reliability and durability.


Next-Gen bearing

With its high performance, the JetStream's motor is a real standout. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the Next-Gen bearing, the motor works extremely quietly and yet powerful without causing unnecessary vibrations.


Universal talent

The JetStream is a true all-rounder and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Independent of whether it is used for air coolers, radiators or as a case fan - ideal performance is guaranteed.


Fan Specifications

Dimensions 120 x 120 x 27 mm
Rated Voltage
12 VDC
94 m³/h
22,8 dB(A)
400 - 1600 U/min
1,74 H2O
Connection 4-Pin PWM
Input Power
1,8 W
Input Current
Voltage Range
5 - 13,2 VDC



12x Radiator screw
12x Case screw
1x PWM splitter cable
"Die JetStream Lüfter sind seit der Einführung der Brocken 4 Kühler keine unbekannten mehr und wussten schon dort zu überzeugen. Mit dem Release der einzelnen Lüfter können die Lüfter jetzt auch im heimischen Gehäuse oder auf anderen Kühlern verbaut werden. Die JetStream sind eine gute Lösung, wenn es leise und dezent sein soll... Im Vergleich zu vielen Konkurrenzprodukten in ähnlicher Leistungsklasse sind die Lüfter schon zum Launch zu akzeptablen Preisen zu haben. Mit 14,99 und 17,99 Euro sind sie sicherlich nicht die günstigsten auf dem Markt, aber auch weit von den Preisen der teuersten Modelle entfernt. 17,99 Euro klingt für einen Lüfter schon deutlich besser als 27,99 Euro. Beide neuen Lüfter können bei uns im Test gerade auch angesichts des nicht überzogenen Preises überzeugen."

"Die neuen JetStream-Lüfter konnten uns auf Anhieb überzeugen! Da wäre zunächst einmal die hochwertige Verarbeitung: Der Kunststoffrahmen ist sehr stabil - das Lager ist für eine lange Haltbarkeit ausgelegt. Auch in Sachen Airflow/Leistung wissen beide Lüftervarianten zu gefallen. Die geringe Lautstärke und der vergleichsweise faire Preis sprechen ebenfalls für unsere Testmuster."

"It’s truly refreshing to see when a company goes the extra mile to provide the same fans utilized in their top-tier heatsinks as standalone purchasable items, without any differences in specifications. This thoughtful approach opens the door to a matching multi-fan heatsink configuration or enhancing your build with these fans as case or an AIO upgrade."



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