Alpenföhn® Panorama 2

Ultra-compact 95W TDP Top Blow CPU Cooler

Panorama 2A low-profile heatsink, the award-winning JetStream fan in the new smaller version, 4x 6mm heatpipes and a black surface coating: The Panorama 2 offers maximised cooling performance in minimal space. With the option of a 90° rotated installation, best possible airflow is guaranteed in all SFF cases.


Main features:

  • Powerful and quiet thanks to the new Jetstream fan
  • Top blower with 4x 6mm heatpipes and 95W TDP
  • Matt black surface coating
  • JetStream fan with decoupling elements
  • Installation can be rotated by 90° for optimal airflow
  • Nickel-plated solid copper base plate
  • Rock Mount 3 mounting system for easy installation
  • German development and quality standards
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JetStream fan

The multiple award-winning JetStream fan sets new standards in the Alpenföhn portfolio and is used in its new 92 mm version on the Panorama 2! The airflow-optimised impeller, a further developed frame and a next-gen bearing ensure excellent running smoothness with maximum performance. The JetStream's anti-vibration pads also reduce vibrations to a minimum. With 500 - 3000 RPM, the JetStream fan works very quietly to ensure a pleasant working or gaming environment without annoying noise, but can really rev up for maximum cooling performance.


High-End heat pipes & copper base plate

The 4 high-end heat pipes are connected to the nickel-plated copper base plate over a large area, which ensures that the heat from the CPU is effectively absorbed. This enables the heat pipes to transport the heat of the processor quickly and efficiently to the large-area heat sink.


Matt black surface coating

The entire heatsink of the Panorama 2 is coated in classy matt black. With this noble surface and the compact design, the Panorama 2 fits seamlessly into any modern case and adds a touch of sophistication to your system.


Installation can be rotated by 90°

The design of the cooler and the mounting material allows total flexibility on both Intel and AMD systems: The Panorama 2 can be installed rotated by 90°. This allows you to determine the direction of the air in almost any system and thus achieve the best possible airflow in an SFF system.



Thanks to the included user-friendly Rock Mount 3 mounting system, the Panorama 2 can be installed easily and quickly even by less technically experienced users. The mounting system offers a secure connection to the sockets:
Intel® LGA: 1700, 1200, 115X


Thermal compound

The high-performance thermal compound has excellent thermal conductivity. Advantages:
No curing, silicone-free and not electrically conductive.


German Engineering

Our innovative use of materials and the new Rock Mount 3 mounting system create the perfect balance between performance and compatibility.



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