Alpenföhn® CivettaCivetta

Small size, low cost and best compatibility. These had been the three main attentions in developing the new multi-socket tower cooler Civetta.The heatsink is based on the award winning HDC architecture. By using this technology the heat coming from the CPU will be directly transfered through the heatpipes to the aluminium fins. This results in a better performance especially for compact sized coolers.

Furthermore Alpenföhn designed closed front faces. This leads to more stability as well as creating a „wind tunnel“ to direct the airflow through the fin package.

The fan used has a 4-PIN header to be controlled by the mainboard. This ensures best possible speed control from 800 to 2.800 rpm generating a minimum noise of 16.7 dB(A) and a maximum airflow of 85 m³/h (50 cfm).

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Heatsink Specifications

Part number 84000000068
Dimensions 105 x 78 x 129 mm
Weight 390 g (incl. fan)


Fan Specifications

Dimensions 92 x 92 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Noise 22,9 dB(A)
85,67 m³/h
Bearing Hydraulic Bearing
Auto Restart Yes



1X Mounting Material for Socket 775,1156,1155, AM2, AM2(+), AM3, FM1
4X Fan mounting brackets
1 x Thermal compound




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