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By using 2 nearly noiseless fans the PCGH-Edition transforms our Brocken 2 to the ultimate Silent-Edition. The 2 included premium fans only turn at a speed of 700 rpm (0.1 Sone max.). To simplify the mounting for system integrators the crossbar is pre-mounted and safely secured.


The RockMount mounting system ensures a simple and secure installation of the cooler on the sockets 2066, 2011,  2011-v3, 1366, 115x (Coffee Lake compatible), AM4 (with Upgrade-Kit), 775, AM3(+), AM3, AM2(+), AM2 and FM1.

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Key Features

  • 5 nickel plated high-performance heatpipes
  • Asymmetrical double radiator design
  • 2 x 140 mm WingBoost2 Fan with WB2 S-Shape Technology



HighEnd Heatpipes with gapless H.D.C-technology

Thanks to the gapless H.D.C –technology the five high performance heatpipes have direct contact to the cpu.


Asymetrical heatsink for enhanced flexibility

Due to the asmetrical heatsink all memory slots can be populated – even if high heatspreaders are used on the modules.


WingBoost 2 fan

The first generation of WingBoost fans already proved it´s exellent performance in various reviews. With the new aerodynamically improved wing geometry we could not only increase the airflow but as well inprove the static pressure at lower noise.

Many users ask themselves…what are WingBoost´s? WingBoost´s are ridges on the impeller that guide the air on the air-inlet side of the impeller.  Using the WingBoost 2 technology air turbulences are reduced wich leads to a lower noise level at full speed.


With the improved S-Shape geometry we could reach a higher static pressure compared to conventional designs.




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