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With the "Brocken" Alpenföhn is sending a new tower cooler on it´s way. The cooler is assembled with four 8mm heatpipes, which are contacting the cpu directly because of the new direct touch technology.

The assembled purple LED fan turn from 850 rpm up to 1500 rpm max and is mounted with two metal-brackets, which assures a safe hold in every situation.

So this cooler is the first choice of all overclocker and ambitioned gamers, who are seeking for a maximum performance with a amazing purple look.

The mounting system ensures a simple and secure installation of the cooler on the sockets 775, 1366, 115x (Skylake complatible), AM3, AM2(+) as well as AM2.

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Heatsink Specifications

Part number 84000000029
Dimensions 126 x 105 x 158 mm

Fan Specifications

Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Speed (@ 12VDC)
1500 rpm
Bearing Hydraulic Bearing
Auto Restart Yes






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