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Alpenföhn enters the next level and presents the „Matterhorn Rev.B".The brand new 120mm tower cooler. Highest manufacturing quality, noble black-polished finish as well as multiple features make this cooler the best solution for any application.

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Mirror finished Fin design:

The special trapezoid shaped fins that are placed in a 180° rythm creating two essential advantages:

- Narrow Fin pitch in the center of the heatsink

This feature increases the thermal surface and ensures a higher heat dissipation

- Wide fin pitch at air inlet area

By having a wide fin pitch at the air inlet area the Alpenföhn „Matterhorn" can be run with very low fan speed as the airflow faces less resistance. Despite that the "Matterhorn" cooler has closed sides. This helps guiding the air through the narrow fin area and offers better mechanical stability



The six U-shape Heatpipes have a large contact area to the full copper baseplate to optimize the heat-transfer from the CPU. By precision CNC machining the surface of the base plate is extremely flat.



The “Föhn120 WB Plus” fan is equipped with injected anti-vibration elements, WB technology and HDS bearing.

Heatsink Specifications

Part number 84000000070
Dimensions 138 x 98 x 157 mm
Weight 770 g (without fan)


Fan Specifications

Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
108 m³/h
Speed 1500 rpm
Bearing Hydraulic Bearing
Auto Restart






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