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With our latest creation "Olymp" we proudly present the response to the state-of-the-art elite of 140mm twin tower coolers.

The new aerodynamically optimized fin geometry already introduced with our ATLAS cooler offers a perfect match with the 2 premium fans and ensures a best possible symbiosis of noise and performance. A speed of 300rpm up to 1400rpm generates a balanced performance ratio to always offer enough resources for any situation in your system - It´s your choice from maximum overclocking to deep silence!

The included high perfromance TIM "Permafrost" completes this high-end package and ensures a maximum performance on sockets 2066, 2011, 2011-v3, 1366, 115X, 1200, 775, AM4 (with Upgrade-Kit), AM3(+), AM3, AM2(+), AM2 and FM1.

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Key FeaturesBild2

  • Twin tower with 6 x 6 mm heatpipes up to 340W TDP
  • Aerodynamically optimized fin design for increased air flow
  • Assymetrical design of the heatsink for nearly 100% RAM compatibility
  • Two 140 mm PWM fans with enlarged speed range from 300 up to 1400 rpm
  • Ruggedized screw mounting for all current sockets from INTEL® and AMD
  • "Permafrost" high performance TIM



Aerodynamically optimized design:

Olymp features a brand-new aerodynamically optimized design of the aluminium fins.

The unique stamping process to form the the fins helps leading the pre-heated air of the first fan alongside the second tower. This prevents the second fan from using warm air for cooling. The mirrored shape of the 2 towers influences the airflow characteritics and increases the airflow speed to dissipate the heat from the CPU even more effective.


Simulation Olymp 


Heatpipe/Coldplate with Diamant Cut

  • the six U-shape Heatpipes have a large contact area to the full copper baseplate to optimize the heat-transfer from the CPU.
  • the special shape of the new designed “Diamante-Cut” convex colplate ensures a performance advance, even on Haswell based systems.


100% compatibility with your memory

Due to the asymetrical heatsink all memory slots can be populated – even if high heatspreaders are used on the modules.


140mm WingBoost 2 Premium Fans

S-Shape geometry

With the improved S-Shape geometry  we could reach a higher static pressure compared to conventional designs.


The new developed HD Bearing (Hydraulic Bearing) reduces friction noises to a minimum and thus enables to a quiet operation.

Plus Function

The new WingBoost 2 is equipped with a "plus-function". That means that a Y split cable has been attached to the PWM connector for a second fan. Thanks to this split cable it is possible to control additional PWM fan with the same PWM connector on the motherboard instead of using a cable adapter or a 3pin connection.



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