Alpenföhn® Brocken 3 White Edition

The 3rd generation of our success cooler in white!Brocken 3 White Edition 01


Large surface and white coated heatsink having the fin spacing designed for silent operation in combination with aerodynamically optimized fins – Brocken 3 comprises the best out of two generations of “Brocken” shooting them to a new level of performance!

The also included 140 mm PWM fans of the new wing boost 3 series takes care of the required airflow. Because of the rigidly integrated guide wheel for axial flow direction we have achieved not only an improved cooler noise but also a minimized twist of the airflow at the heatsink. This results in the enormous performance of the cooler where the maximum speed has been reduced significantly compared to alternative layouts.

The mounting system “RockMount2 “ offers an even more improved user friendliness when installing the cooler.

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Key Features

  • Tower cooler having 5*6mm heatpipes and 220W TDP
  • Aerodynamically optimized fins creating increased flow speeds
  • Asymmetrical structure of heatsink for close to 100% RAM compatibility
  • WingBoost fan of the 3rd generation including guide wheel for axial flow direction and minimized twist of air flow allowing whisper quiet operation
  • RockMount2 mounting system – warranty for quality and safety
  • Permafrost high-performance heat-conductive paste



HighEnd Heatpipes with gapless H.D.C-technology

Thanks to the gapless H.D.C –technology the five high performance heatpipes have direct contact to the cpu.


Asymetrical heatsink for enhanced flexibility

Due to the asmetrical heatsink all memory slots can be populated – even if high heatspreaders are used on the modules.


140mm WingBoost 3 Premium Fan


By means of a new blade angle the rotor has been optimized to lower speed in order to achieve in comparison with other fans a significantly higher volume flow, total pressure and exit speed at the same speed. And what is more, the aerodynamically optimized blade geometry favors the axial flow direction. Compared to conventional fans this “dispersion” of the airflow offers an increased surface to efficiently dissipate the heat of the heatsink. Additionally, the new blade geometry prevents the backflow of the proper flow direction – especially with higher counter pressure!

Below there is the immediate comparison between a conventional fan and the re-developed WingBoost 3 Premium Fan:

Air flow/back flow of a conventional fan:

Luftstrom konventioneller Luefter


Air flow (fanning)/back flow of the new WingBoost :

Luftstrom WingBoost3


Guide Wheel

The rigidly integrated guide wheel in the fan frame allows to significantly increase the static pressure as well as to reduce the twist of the exit flow. The result is a further optimization of the radial flow component and the resulting noise reduction because the flow is not broken abruptly when the airflow hits the aluminum fin.


Plus Function

WingBoost3 includes a "Plus Function". It means that a Y-switch has been fastened at the PWM-plug for a second PWM fan. The switch allows controlling another PWM fan via a PWM board signal so it does not have to be connected via a cable adaptor or a 3-pin connection. Please note: When using a WingBoost3 fan up to three other fans can be connected to just on PWM board signal.


RockMount2 Mounting System – Warranty for Quality and Safety even better now

RockMount2 has become even more user-friendly when you install the cooler. RockMount2 supports all common bases from Intel and AMD. Intel: 1200, 115X, 20XX, 1366, 775. AMD: AM5 (UpgradeKit), AM4, AM3(+), AM2(+), FM1. RockMount2 , as it usually does with contact pressure, counts on the base specific requirements of the respective manufacturer, while considering weight and size of the cooler.


Gamezoom "Auch die beiden neuen Editionen des Brocken 3 konnten uns auf Anhieb überzeugen! Für faire 60 Euro bekommt man einen sauber verarbeiteten, sehr leistungsstarken und angenehm leisen Tower-Kühler geboten. Auch bei der Montage und Kompatibilität hat sich Alpenföhn keine Patzer erlaubt. Großes Lob auch für die beiden WingBoost 3 Lüfter, die einen hervorragenden Mix aus hoher Leistung und niedriger Lautstärke bieten. Kurz gesagt: Beim Brocken 3 Black/White Edition kann man bedenkenlos zugreifen!"

Basic Tutorials "Mit dem Alpenföhn Brocken 3 Black und White Edition hat der Hersteller es geschafft einen sehr guten Kühler nochmal besser zu machen. Durch die weiße bzw. schwarze Eloxierung macht der wuchtige Kühler ordentlich was her. Mit einem zweiten Lüfter kann zudem die Kühlleistung nochmal leicht verbessert werden. Abgerundet wird dieses Gesamtpaket durch ein sehr durchdachtes Montagesystem und eine saubere Verarbeitung. Schicke Optik, gute Kühlleistung und eine geringe Lautstärke. Der Brocken 3 Black Edition bietet ein stimmiges Gesamtpaket."

Xtreme Systems "The Brocken 3 Black Edition cooler's looks is very stunning. By coating the tower on the Brocken 3 Black Edition, and using black fans, the cooler keeps a professional look to it. The Alpenfohn Brocken 3 Black Edition is certainly one of the top air coolers on the market today. In terms of overall performance, it just ever so slightly edges out the Noctua NH-U14S, but can't quite overcome the Noctua NH-D15. To put that into perspective: the difference ends up being 2C in the overclocked FPU load test with the Alpenfohn Brocken 3 Black Edition at 65C and the Noctua NH-D15 hitting 63C. Where the Alpenfohn Brocken 3 Black Edition makes up a bit of ground is noise. The Alpenfohn Brocken 3 Black Edition being just 1 dBA louder than the NH-D15. At this point, it is basically down to splitting hairs when it comes to performance and noise levels. The fan mounting system is simple and effective and because Alpenfohn Wing Boost 3 fans come pre-fitted with anti-vibration rubbers you don't have to worry about vibrations at all. Alpenfohn paired the cooler with its tried RockMount2 mounting system, ensuring firm contact between the cooler and the CPU surface. Furthermore the cooler sports clearance for big DIMM module, which allows you to install high-end DIMM modules. Credit to Alpenfohn for their packaging too, and the fact that all the tools you need to install your cooler are included, such as the screwdriver, thermal paste and more."

PCGH "...dank guter Silent-Eigenschaften und vorbildlicher Halterung weiterhin sehr beliebt. Mit den abgeleiteten Black und White Editionen möchte man den Kühler noch besser machen und geht dabei neben der optischen Aufwertung durch die namensgebende Lackierung einen ähnlichen Weg wie seinerzeit vom Brocken 2 zum Brocken 2 PCGH-Edition..."



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Installation Brocken 3 Black & White Edition


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Installation Brocken 3 Black & White Edition


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