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200W Premium Twin Tower for high-performance Mini ITX Micro ATX systemsCPU Kühler Atlas

We proudly present our brand new premium class Twin Tower cooler ATLAS which is designed to offer outstanding performance in Mini-ITX and Micro ATX systems. With the dual-assymetrical design of the two towers all RAM modules can be used - even if they use large heatspreaders. In addition there is no incompatibility with the PCI-Express slot! The new aerodynamic shape of the fins lead to the highest possible performance using the 2 included 92mm Wing Boost 2 fans. The convex surface of the base plate improves the thermal contact to the CPU. Especially when using intel CPUs of the latest Haswell generation. The maximum size of 125mm ensures gives you the highest flexibility in chosing your favourite chassis.

The included ultra-high-performance thermal grease Permafrost makes this deal perfect and guarantees the best possible cooling for CPUs in socket 2066, 2011, 2011-v3, 1366, 115x (Coffee Lake compatible), 775, AM4 (with Upgrade-Kit), AM3(+), AM3, AM2(+), AM2 and FM1.

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Aerodynamically optimized design

Atlas features a brand-new aerodynamically optimized design of the aluminium fins.

The unique stamping process to form the the fins helps leading the pre-heated air of the first fan alongside the second tower. This prevents the second fan from using warm air for cooling. The mirrored shape of the 2 towers influences the airflow characteritics and increases the airflow speed to dissipate the heat from the CPU even more effective.



Heatpipe/Coldplate with Diamant Cut

  • the five U-shape Heatpipes have a large contact area to the full copper baseplate to optimize the heat-transfer from the CPU.
  • the special shape of the new designed “Diamante-Cut” convex colplate ensures a performance advance, even on Haswell based systems.


100% compatibility with your memory

Due to the asmetrical heatsink all memory slots can be populated – even if high heatspreaders are used on the modules.


100% compatibility with PCI-Express graphics cards on ITX sytems

Most of todays mini-ITX mainboards have very little space between the CPU socket and the PCI-E slot. Whereas big CPU coolers often block the PCI-E slot our Alpenfoehn Atlas offers perfect compatibility with current and upcoming PCI-Express graphics cards. In addition the cooler was designed to be used in any standard mainboard formfactor such as ATX, micro ATX, ITX and mini-ITX even if the graphics card uses a pre-installed backplate for mounting the GPU cooler.


92mm WingBoost2 Premium Fan

S-Shape geometry

With the improved S-Shape geometry  we could reach a higher static pressure compared to conventional designs.


The new developed HD Bearing (Hydraulic Bearing) reduces friction noises to a minimum and thus enables to a quiet operation.

Plus Function

The new WingBoost 2 is equipped with a "plus-function". That means that a Y split cable has been attached to the PWM connector for a second fan. Thanks to this split cable it is possible to control additional PWM fan with the same PWM connector on the motherboard instead of using a cable adapter or a 3pin connection.



    Gold Award  Goldaward netzwelt  hartware award












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