Alpenföhn® Blitzeis

Blitzeis! Watch out for maximum coolness in your system immediately after the first time of use. Thanks to the extreme thermal conductivity of 15.2 W/m*K, this is the ideal thermal paste for everyone who wants maximum performance. The extensive accessories allow easy and clean application. The Grease Pass is your ticket to permanently low temperatures in your system. Blitzeis can be used on aluminium and copper, is electronically non-conductive and features long-lasting stability. The package content of 2g is sufficient for multiple use.


Blitzeis Premium Thermal Paste


  • Extreme perfomance due to a very high thermal conductivity
  • Best suited for all professional applications
  • Long-term stability
  • Easy and clean application due to extensive accessories
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Nanotechnology





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"Alpenföhn liefert mal wieder ab! Für knapp 9 Euro (2 Gramm Tube) bekommt man mit der Blitzeis eine erstklassige Wärmeleitpaste geboten, die problemlos mit der deutlich teureren Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut mithalten kann. Für unser Testmuster sprechen die sehr gute „Leistung“ und der faire Preis. Auch in puncto Lieferumfang und Haltbarkeit kann sich die neue Alpenföhn Wärmeleitpaste sehen lassen. Kurz gesagt: Enthusiasten und Overclocker können bei der Blitzeis bedenkenlos zugreifen."


"Alpenföhn has created a highly capable thermal paste in the form of this Blitzeis, which truly adheres to its ice cool theme. The fact alone, that it provided better thermal conductivity in all tests than the Noctua H2 at a lower price, is a clear win. You also receive a great and useful bundle of accessories so make sure to grab the Blitzeis when it is in stock!"





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